“GQ-Bayern” – we take a close look!

With “Geprüfte Qualität – Bayern” (Tested quality – Bavaria), a government programme for quality and original control, we in Bavaria are acting as pioneers when it comes to safeguarding the quality of regional food products at all levels.

GQ-Bayern makes additional requirements of product quality and defines clear conditions for production and handling, all of which are monitored for compliance by authorised, private certification bodies under government supervision.

These products are produced and processed exclusively in Bavaria. In addition, the quality standards set by us for production and processing go beyond just legislation.

The sponsor of the “Geprüfte Qualität – Bayern” marking is the Free State of Bavaria represented by the State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestries (StMELF), which also decides on the awarding of licences, approval of quality and testing regulations and authorisation of test institutions.

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